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43g 6x3cm Herkimer Crystal Quartz


Natural Herkimer crystal quartz measuring 6cm (height) by 3cm (width), weighing 43g.

Herkimer Diamonds aids in the mediation process that clears the body and mind of the wearer. They are birthstones for those who is born in the month of April. Though these gemstones are not actual diamond but the transparency, brillance diamond like appearance and beauty of its charm makes it suitable as an April birthstone.

They are also useful in healing the environments when the high frequency, brillance and clarity of this talisman helps in removing the blocks of energy and also simulates the healing. It is a strong gemstone that clears off the electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress and radioactivity.

This larger piece of Herkimer diamonds may be used for healing space or grid at home.

Price is quoted in Singapore Dollar.

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