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Blue Moon


Dubbed the “Blue Moon”, it is designed and fully customised with a mix of Sakura Agate beads with Blue Lace agate and White Carved Tridacna.

Sakura Agate is a semi-translucent crystal with pale pink flowers bursts. It is a stone that seeks to bring joy in purpose, wisdom and trust. It is a soothing and calming stone and enhances mental functions (concentration and analytical abilities). It provides anti-stress benefits and changes negative energy into positive energies.

Similar to the above, Blue Lace agate stimulates the throat chakra and will boost the ability to communicate. It is also a soothing and nuturing stone that will bring calmness and peace of mind.

White Tridacna is the most white substance in the world, and is a rare organic gemstone. Its made from a large clam shell and is known for looking like white porcelain.It heals, protects and offers calming properties. Wearing tridacna will enhance the magnetic field of the human body.

Price is quoted in Singapore Dollar.

*Our crystals are natural and genuine, thus any irregularities (lines, different color tones, dents, inclusions) should be considered  as natural features of the crystals and gemstones, not flaws.

*This product is totally handmade and customised using artisanal materials and should be handled with care. There is always a possibility of scratching, color-transfer, sharing with use.

*Do not wear the bracelet while showering or playing sports. For perfume, avoid contact where possible. For best care, clean and wipe the bracelet with soft dry cloth from time to time. This will help to maintain the beauty of the bracelet.


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