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Blue Pietersite round bead bracelet

$68.00 $65.00

Beautiful smooth Rare Blue Pietersite bracelet of 10mm bead size.

Pietersite embraces into it the essence and beauty of the storm. With brilliant flashes of gold and fiery pattern, Pietersite is definitely an amazing stone in the world of gems and jewels. Pietersite is also termed as the tempest stone, which is believed carry a hurricane in itself that can bring positive change to the person who wears it.

Pietersite is a prevailing protection stone, principally in opposition to the elements. It makes nervous people and animals comfortable during storms and protects the wearer when he/she is driving in bad weather. It is also considered a guard against storm damage to homes and businesses. It is a wonderful stone for those who get affected by the adverse effects of technology, especially when somebody is on phone or computer from long hours.

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